Building Courage in the Workplace:
Adopt the Four Universal Traits of Brave Leaders

Create a culture that supports creativity and innovation in service of others. This workshop is suitable for groups of 8 to several hundred and is available as a half-day or full-day format. What you’ll discover:

Inspiration from Brave Leaders. Through The Brave Leaders Project, we interviewed more than 50 courageous leaders from around the world who candidly shared their stories of struggles with fear, ego, and risk. Take inspiration from Merck’s CEO Ken Frazier, Brazilian senator and activist Marina Silva, and Natura founder Antonio Luiz Seabra, and many more.

The Four Universal Traits. We’ll introduce and explore the four traits that all the leaders we interviewed shared, including perseverance, altruism, humility and composure. Understand their role in the workplace.

Best Practices for Cultivating Courage. Participants learn and practice skills and strategies that exercise their courage muscles. These include:
• Starting Small & Getting Curious
• Converting Thoughts to Action Using Reflection Techniques
• Learning Constructive Ways to Speak Up & Speak Out
• Expanding Circles of Influence